Welcome to North Street Dental Care, a good choice to help U 2 smile. We do offer a new approach to dentistry. We have the dental team, the complete range of treatments and the environment to reflect and confirm your trust in the dental professional.

No pain, only smile with the dental laser!

Everyone wants the perfect smile. Using the latest in dental technology and cosmetic dentistry techniques, we can create the perfect smile for you in the UK and help U 2 smile.

You don't have to be born with a beautiful smile to have one, at North Street Dental Care we perform smile makeovers. We carry out porcelain veneers, tooth replacement, tooth whitening, crowns, white ceramic fillings, caps, bridges and a various types of dentures.

North Street Dental Care provides a comprehensive dental service using the latest in cosmetic dentistry and dental technology. Advances in dental technology and cosmetic dentistry brought to the UK from the USA, allow teeth to be straightened using porcelain laminate veneers and made to appear whiter using the latest tooth whitening treatments.

Tooth whitening treatments available at North Street Dental Care include tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and the latest laser whitening treatments. To find out more see the full range of cosmetic dental treatments available at our website or book a consultation appointment to discover how cosmetic dentistry has changed the lives of our patients.


North Street Dental Care offers a fully comprehensive dental service under one roof. We care for NHS and private patients alike, using the most modern equipement and techniques.

You will receive the highest standard of care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We do offer comprehensive dental services for the whole family including routine dental exams, hygienist visit, fresh breath treatment, crowns, bridges, advanced prosthetics and implants to close the gaps, ceramic white fillings, dentures, root canal treatment, mouth guards, twinkle tooth jewellery, professional tooth whitening...

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Products Our products
  • Antibacterial mouthwash
  • Interdental brush
  • Mouthwash against tooth decay
  • Fluoride mouth rise
  • Dental tape, gel...

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Laser demtistry

No tears, only smile with dental laser.

Laser dentistry is the most exciting area of dentistry today. We can treat a wide variety of conditions in new and improved ways that eliminate the use of the dental drill and needle. Unlike a conventional dental drill, the laser makes no contact with your tooth, and there is no unpleasant sound, vibration or heat. In most cases there is no need for injections and the treatment is carried out without pain, noise or vibrations from any drill (old road drill). Filling materials bond better when prepared with a laser giving longer lasting restorations.

Laser treatment is rapidly replacing more traditional methods in the dental office, including the scalpel, the needle and the denttal drill. Dr Pourani has undergone courses in laser dentistry and will lead you now into the future of 21st century dentistry.

Laser dentistry: something to smile about.

North Street Dental Care now offers revolutionary laser treatment, the second dental laser in the country (of this type), a good choice to help U 2 smile. This laser offers a modern technology that is equiped with the latest state of the art system and offers the most advanced cosmetic, a new approach to dentistry into 21st century.

Our philosophy at NSDC is that all dental treatment must be performed using the most advanced techniques and materials, with the least possible discomfort and postoperative complication for the patient, and of course the best possible outcome.

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