These smiles were improved by using digital computer imaging to plan cosmetic dentistry treatment. The imaging also helps the cosmetic dentist design the correct size, color and shape of the teeth, so a client's smile appears natural.

Skin tone, complexion, facial shape, and body type are often taken into consideration as well. These factors can determine if a smile is masculine or feminine, strong and aggressive or soft and fragile. An incorrect design can adversely affect a person's smile and can inadvertently cause the wrong impression.


It is estimated that despite the importance of dental health half the population do not visit a dentist regularly. Irregular dental treatment often results in much more extensive and consequently expensive dental treatment. Regular visits help to cut down problems and the bills.

It is our practice philosophy to promote dental health at all times and provide sympathetic, personalised attention for patients of all ages. Therefore we do recommend regular check ups. These will also help keep down the cost of your treatment.

Smile gallery

The smile is your most important feature. In conversation, people will focus on your mouth. But before you utter a word, your smile will speak volumes about you. An attractive smile can improve your entire appearance and enhance self esteem and a more youthful smile can take years off your look. It can help build the self confidence we all need to enjoy uninhibited interaction with others. It might be exactly the boost you need to kick start your love life or career.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth you don't need to be told why cosmetic dentistry would be so beneficial. But you might be surprised just how much difference this exciting step could make to you.

We help you to achieve a great smile!

At North Street Dental Care, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence. We are here not only to educate you about the latest advances in dentistry, but to listen to you as well. We want to hear what it is that you want, and the smile you desire to have.

Our goal is to provide you with outstanding customer service, and to exceed your expectations, not only in terms of the beautiful dental results, but the ambience of our office, and the relationship we develop with our patients.